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Ball Honeys Leilani

Hot Ball Honeys chick Leilani showing boobs

Jack has a hot date with a very beautiful girl. Her name is Leilani, and she’s a nice girl with a few naughty tendencies. For one thing she likes to take her clothes off when no ones around and touch her self on strangers’ couches she also loves to masturbate. She gets a strange sense of pleasure imagining what it would be like to fuck a new man on his furniture before he has a chance to do it for real. This girl is a freak with a body of an angel. What makes this all the fun is that Leilani has got a hot ass and smoking hot tits that will make you want to fuck her at first sight. So it’s no surprise when Jack came back from buying the wine; he was gonna dine on some wet delicious pussy too! Of course, she was hungry…hungry for cock. Leilani’s a good fuck who enjoys to give blow jobs and loves to get fucked doggie style. So if your hungry you should check this out; it will fill you up. Bonappetite!

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Ball Honeys babe Lacey

You know what’s the sexiest thing in world is? Watching a woman bathe herself in her tub. Sudsing her body with soap and covering all her lady parts with the lather. This week Lacey Duvalle did just that. She wanted to show just how sexy bathing can be. Rubbing her stomach and massaging her legs slowly Lacey begins to suds up her tits. Lovingly, she massages her nipple paying special attention to her sensitive aureola. Rubbing her clit with intense passion she makes sure that it is extra clean. Why does Lacey Duvalle love to be so clean, yet be so dirty. Because thats how she fucks. She loves to ride the cock hard, slobbering a penis in her mouth, spit and saliva are her lubricant, as nature intended. Lacey bites, sucks and she fucks. Grinding her man likes she’s taming a bucking stallion. If you haven’t seen LAcey Duvalle in action this is the episode that will make you a fan. So check this out!

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Ball Honeys Ball Honeys – China My friend Alex had his heart set on getting a black chick this time. At the begining it looked like we wouldn”t find one, but then we found China, the only sista on the beach. She firstly refused to do any “modeling”, but once we mentioned money she was all for it. Once we got her round black ass to the studio she showed us her tits. I”m sure she was down from the beginning, because it only took Alex showing her his long dick for her to start sucking it. You have to love the female blowjob instinct! She even let me play with her pink pussy while she was still sucking off Alex. Once the fucking started, I could tell that we were in store for another great movie, especially the doggy style fucking! Alex grabed China”s awesome hips, like handles, and slamed that freak! Both of my ears are still ringing from the loud spanking! I”ll admit that this girl wasn”t too bright, but she made one great Ball Honeys amateur model. For the rest, check out: Ball Honeys China – one great Ball Honeys movie! Episode: Ball Honeys – China

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Candace Ball Honeys Candace Ball Honey – Candace Candace thought we were crazy idiots when we met her, but after some convincing she agreed to come along. This girl had huge black tits and a nice fat ass. I got her to touch herself and strip. So, some dick sucking didn”t take much convincing. This girl could give a good dick sucking! I used a very special microphone to listen to her throat while she was sucking. Candace liked fucking, too. After all I had JT put on a Pig mask, just for laughs. It”s got to be an amateur porn movie at first. Just imagine JT”s pale white ass fucking a huge titted black girl from behind, with a pig mask on. Infact, you really don”t have to. Just watch this awesome Ball Honeys movie right here: Ball Honeys – Candace Episode: Candace – Ball Honeys

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